Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE :]

the entry's title is a title of a Thai movie actually. i love the story so much. here a little sypnosis of the story:-

A romantic comedy act by Fern Pimchanok Leuvisedpaibul (Nam) and Mario Maurer (Shone). Nam is a high school girl who is secretly in love with her senior, Shone.
Nam is not a pretty and interesting girl, but then with the help of her friends, she try everything to improve herself to get Shone’s attention. She start to fairer her dark skin and start to study diligently. The best part is when Nam and her friends use a “9 methods Get your senior to be your  boyfriend” book as their way to get Shone for Nam. It’s totally cute and adorable.
Year after year of their high school, Nam has becoming a beautiful girl. But then come another charming boy at school, Top, Shone’s best friend. Top has expressed his love towards Nam, but Nam rejected him because of her love to Shone. But, Shone and Top already have agreement that they won’t love same girl. This promise makes Nam’s love to Shone seems not possible.
In the end of school year, Nam will go to continue study in America and Shone will take a football career. Before they separated for a long time, Nam expressed her feeling to Shone with all of her courage and spirit as her 10th method which came from herself. But sadly Shone has been dating someone. After that meeting, it turns out that Shone also has a feeling for Nam for all those years but he kept it secret.
Nine years later, they meet again. Both of them becoming successful person. And finally it’s a happy ending :)

the story is simple yet so meaningful and adorable. how wonderful when the one that we love so much and we also willing to do such little crazy thing to impress him/her, turns out that the person also have the same feeling towards us. auchh. that is called 'gift from God'. Subhanallah :)

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