Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Road Not Taken ;)

CHOICES! terlalu byk choice yg mst kite buat dlm life ni kan. kadang kadang terlampau sukar untuk buat de rite decision smpaikan kite hanye jumpe jalan buntu. tapi insyaAllah kalau kite mintak pade yang atas, dapat lah petunjuk kan. as fer me, everytime i must comeout wif a decision and had to choose from choices that i have. absolutely aku akan tension tension and tension berfikir. nak buat pilihan bkn senang, takut if aku tersalah pilih je. aku akan kosongkan pikiran aku fer some minutes and pikir mane yang baek mane yang okay mane yang bagus, then ofcoz mintak petunjuk pade Nya.
i recently finished my lower six and i think dis is de end as i choose to quit form6. berhenti bukan bererti aku mengalah. just that i want to move on wif something more exciting. bukan bermakna form6 x seronok bagi aku, tapi rasenye aku x cukup kuat lg nak teruskan 2 more semester fer next year. keputusan dah dibuat n bukan aku senang senang je buat keputusan mcm ni. orang boleh cakap ape saje tapi yelah diorang hanye sekadar boleh bercakap cakap coz they r not in my shoes. so x ade orang yg akan betul betul paham kenape aku buat mcm ni. its okay. coz i dont realy care what people think about me. i know myself!
apepun aku x pernah rase menyesal sbb aku mmg beriye iye sgt nak masuk form6 dulu. ramai org cakap form6 susah, jangan pilih form6, nt nyesal, n so whatever. tp orang orang yg bercakap ni, diorg tu betul betul tau ke mcm mne susah nye form6 ni?? kalau kite x cube, kite x kan dapat alami sendiri kan susah atau senang dunie form6 ni. semuanye aku jadikan sebagai pengalaman. precious experiences ever coz x semue org dapat lalui benda yg same.
orang orang selalu cakap 'belajar biar sampai ke negera china'. hee. even hormon and virus virus malas sangat banyak dalam diri aku skrng ni, i'll makesure that i'll neva give up easily. as i've made my mind that form6 is not where i belong. then in 3weeks time from now, i'll pickin up and continue my journey to study and study. as i said quit form6 doesn't mean that i'll quit study. so, wait fer me uitm segamat. even rase berat hati nak tinggalkan my home sweet home, but this is what i should do fer my better future. i hope everything will move smoothly, hope will get new friends and great life there. ermm. yes. i can do it! haha, x pasal pasal kan. mommy daddy, ini first time kan one of your children dapat masuk u. yaa, aku x laa pandai mane pon. but i'll keep trying and usaha. i believe if we're not givin up to try, there must be some hope. as long as i remember HIM and stay away from everything that could ruin my life and myself. insyaAllah. mudah mudahan hidup aku dipermudahkan and diberkati yang Maha Esa. hee. amin

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Only Exception ;)

well well wess. i guess everyone had listened this song. can't tell how much i adore this song. the melody r so slow makes my mind calm in anyway.
coz of dis song. aku jd minat gler kot kat paramore. the band that own dis awesome song. here r some info about them- Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. the band consists of lead vocalist Halley Williams, lead guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis, drummer Zac Farro, and rhythm guitarist Taylor York.
not just the only exception je lagu yg best, in fact semua lagu2 paramore hebat2 belaka. e.g lagu decode, ignorance, adores, crushcrushcrush, dll.
one more thing i like most is Halley Williams. ohh Goshhhh, she's freakin cute. muke die kind of childish tau. suke gler tgk muke die n her hair just suit her in all her way. mmg unique n i love it. i love u cutie:)
about the only exception song, mmg lagu ni ade mksud yg mendalam gitu. a very special song make your heart warming, yes it's work for me. tgk dlm citer glee pon, rachel (heroin) ade dedicate lagu ni utk finn (hero). romantik tau time tu, rachel siap menangis lg. aku tgk pon cm nk nangis gk. hehe.
so that's all to share. and this romantic song i dedicate for the one that i love. just want you to know that you are my only exception syg<3

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The New Born ;)

hello! here come my baby-new blog. yes i move slowly from others. haha org laen dah ade blog b'zaman dah aku baru t'hegeh hegeh nak buat. but do i care? hak.
i decide to create my own blog for two reasons. first, as to share some wonderful things in my life with you. yes you! all my wonderful friends. second, so that i can minimize my free time sleepin. coz lps ni mst excited nak update blog all the time kan. haha. yes, sebab yg kukuh! fullstop
for now, i can feel that my life are perfectly content and i'm happy livin that way. every single thing movin in easy, calm way and drives my life towards happiness. just hope that it will remain, always be that way. hope God bless- this short life we all have.
as i'm also on my way to improve myself. yes, me! it's not totally changes i wish for. the way i speak, the way i laugh, the way i cry, everyting i was born with will be the same just as it is. but the improvement will be workin on how i let my mind think, how i let my body behave infront of the people, how i let my heart see and judge the world, how i let my soul adapt with different surrounding and how i let my spirit design my own future.
i do realise in our life we couldn't depends on others. there would be no one will stand next to me in all my bad times. perhaps in such a time i desperately need one. so it compulsory for me to learn standin up by myself. yes, i can survive with my own!
lastly a BIG welcome to everybody those who willin to waste their time just to read and stop by my baby-blog. i'm tryin to share the bitter, sweet of my life. stand by the phrase sharing is caring!

                                  my baby, born at 9oct 2010. yehaa