Tuesday, August 16, 2011

credit to HIM :)

dear Heart,,
i want to Thank YOU fer let me feel what love is.
how much hurt bcoz of love.
how i feel empty when your love gone.
how i'm weak after losing the love you give me.

all de memories will always stick in my heart foreva.
from the day i knew you,,
even the day that i hurt most.
till the last day i feel your love.
Thanks to YOU fer every memories you give me.

how wonderful the world when i'm with you.
how dark the world without you.

everything i've gone through are precious experience.
thought me a lot about life.
make me be a stronger girl.

from now on,,
i want to move forward n neva look back.
i need to find something,
that will lead my life complete n content.
n i promise to myself that i will neva give up.

i need strength from you God,
pls help me n bless me.

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