Saturday, October 9, 2010

The New Born ;)

hello! here come my baby-new blog. yes i move slowly from others. haha org laen dah ade blog b'zaman dah aku baru t'hegeh hegeh nak buat. but do i care? hak.
i decide to create my own blog for two reasons. first, as to share some wonderful things in my life with you. yes you! all my wonderful friends. second, so that i can minimize my free time sleepin. coz lps ni mst excited nak update blog all the time kan. haha. yes, sebab yg kukuh! fullstop
for now, i can feel that my life are perfectly content and i'm happy livin that way. every single thing movin in easy, calm way and drives my life towards happiness. just hope that it will remain, always be that way. hope God bless- this short life we all have.
as i'm also on my way to improve myself. yes, me! it's not totally changes i wish for. the way i speak, the way i laugh, the way i cry, everyting i was born with will be the same just as it is. but the improvement will be workin on how i let my mind think, how i let my body behave infront of the people, how i let my heart see and judge the world, how i let my soul adapt with different surrounding and how i let my spirit design my own future.
i do realise in our life we couldn't depends on others. there would be no one will stand next to me in all my bad times. perhaps in such a time i desperately need one. so it compulsory for me to learn standin up by myself. yes, i can survive with my own!
lastly a BIG welcome to everybody those who willin to waste their time just to read and stop by my baby-blog. i'm tryin to share the bitter, sweet of my life. stand by the phrase sharing is caring!

                                  my baby, born at 9oct 2010. yehaa

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